New Born photography at your home

So, the long-awaited little angel has arrived. All screwed up and wrinkly in the first few hours. But soon blooming like a flower from a bud…utterly sweet and adorable. Snug in soft wraps, cute hands curled close to chest, and peeping out with divine pure eyes to have his first glance at the new world the little angel has just stepped into. Sheer magical moments.

Wouldn’t you like  these precious moments be clearly etched in your mind? Time has a way of fading even a strong memory. Reason why you need to take advantage of the glorious moments at the right time. So that it can live forever in your mind, heart and family album.

The best time to capture the lovely personification of sheer divine innocence is between 5th  and 12th day of birth. You can count on me. I’ll be there if you’d like me to perpetuate these fabulous days for you.