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Little Dimples by Tisha is Bangalore Based Photographer.

We specialize in Family Portraits, Maternity, Toddler, New Born, Cake Smash and Sitters Sessions.


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Hi, welcome to my personal space.
My work is divine for me which is why it exudes passion and dedication.
Although a successful Engineer in Computer science, my natural aptitude veered me towards baby photography. I fully realized it when I myself enjoyed motherhood. I make full use of this talent, with the opportunities my own family presents me with – my husband, my young son Raveen and my little daughter Charvi.

We are here to help you to remember the best days

I am not just a professional photographer, but an inspired artiste. I am fascinated by the divine stage of a lady making her baby, the innocence of a newborn, the purity of a bouncy baby, the mischievous eyes of a sweet moppet, the sheer elegance of a family together…it makes me want to forever freeze those precious moments in amazing photographs.

My expertise includes Maternity, New Born, Cake Smash, Toddler, Family Portraits, and Sitter Sessions.

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joyful moments

Come, explore my work on these pages. You will rejoice at what a camera lens and human ingenuity can achieve.

It is not without reason littledimplesbytisha enjoys the status of being the best newborn photographer in Bengaluru

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